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The Spanish market has been the one to which Hilaturas Miel has always addressed the efforts. Exports were made occasionally, depending on the rate exchange, in markets such as Middle East and Europe.

Nowadays and specially from the early 90, the export desire together with the decline of the Spanish market and the continuous increase of production in our firm have made us take part in nine International Fairs: 2 Paris (Expofil), New York (Yarn Fair), 2 Shangai and 2 Mexico (Exintex) and have a percentage of 60% in export sales and also to be present in more than 30 countries, in constant competition with Italians, Koreans, Turkish in a direct way. Some of these countries: Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, Cyprus, Israel, Brazil, United States, Canada, Morocco, Algeria, Uruguay etc.

Our short-term purposes are to strengthen these markets, reaching market quota in each of them, and to make market projections in East Europe, South America and Asia.

In 1997 we were awarded the Prize of Export by the Chamber of Commerce in Sabadell. And in what concerns the Spanish market we are the main producers of yarn for blankets and we have a 10% quota of the market in knitting.