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Hilaturas Miel, we have the acrylic as the centre of our production, it is the raw material number one. Our usual providers are firms like Acordis, Montefibre or Bayer.

And always coming from acrylic we manufacture mixtures with wool, polyamide, elastomer in different percentages.

Concerning the thickness of our yarn, we are able to manufacture yarns from Metric Number 8 up to Metric Number 60, one ply, two plies and with different kinds of finishing.

We obtained from Aitex the label OEKO-TEX in 2000, we renew it every year and it certifies that our products are not harmful for the human being or for the environment.

Application of the product:

We use our yarn for several purposes, being some of them:

  • Home textiles: curtains, tablecloths, flannel sheets, blankets, carpets, upholstery

  • Auto motion: Car upholstery, covers.

  • Knitting: sweaters, socks, gloves, caps, dressing gowns...

Saatlerin Anlamı

Every kind of yarn, depending on the sector it is addressed to, may have its own way of presentation, marketing, development etc.

Concerning knitting, our department of RESEARCH + DEVELOPMENT prepares two collections every year, one of them in December (Spring and Summer) and the other one in June (Autumn and Winter). Apart from this we are continuously working on the research and development of new products.

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